hi, I'm maggie walker
I'm a designer

past work

who I am

At my core, I am a creator. I have had a passion for making things as long as I can remember. I dabbled in illustration, lettering, and web design as a teenager and went on to study Graphic Design at Massachusetts College of Art ant Design, where I graduated with departmental honors in 2011.

After graduating, life and love pulled me towards the midwest and I became connected to the circus and hula hooping communities in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, I quickly began teaching and performing in the area, both solo and as a part of MoonDrop Circus and Vodville Entertainment Company. During this time I developed my own clothing line - Radiant Threads - and created many custom performance pieces for MoonDrop Circus.

Upon moving to the PNW, I felt inspired to move back toward my web design roots and I enrolled in Code Fellows, a coding bootcamp, to study Frontend and UX. I quickly fell in love with writing HTML and CSS, always striving for clean, semantic code that is as accessible as possible. For 5 years I worked as a frontend dev with a penchant for great UX (I loathe poor UX in all its forms).

when I'm not designing or coding, I can be found making wire and gemstone jewelry, drawing, lettering, making herbal medicines, making cut poetry, exploring the beautiful PNW.. anything to keep me grounded in creation and in the natural world.